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Ryan Burghard: Whatever hour you woke

New work by Ryan Burghard
Exhibition Dates: June 7 - August 2
Closing Reception: Thursday, August 2 6-8pm. Libations and snacks provided.

Portland ‘Pataphysical Society presents Whatever hour you woke, a solo exhibition of recent work by artist Ryan Burghard.

Whatever hour you woke is a collection of new work that explores notions of time and duration through the traces, marks and imprints that remain in our absence. 

At first glance we are presented with familiar objects arranged in a seemingly incidental manner. But Burghard’s slight material alterations and attention to the physical space imbue what we perceive as common with a poetic and emotive sensibility. 

Each work acts as an open metaphor for the fundamental aspects of our human condition and each trace questions the undeniable reality of presence.


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Ryan Burghard gives new meanings to familiar objects and explores the value of serendipitous moments in our daily lives. Often employing mundane materials, his slight and seemingly invisible gestures question the nature of our relationships; both universal and personal, to time and to notions we have of permanence and impermanence. In his work, simple objects encourage contemplation and he suggests that complexity can be found in moments we often dismiss as banal.

Ryan Burghard (b. 1980, Norwich, NY) lives and works in Portland. He studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently on faculty at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. He has had solo exhibitions at Cydonia, Dallas, TX (2015) and IGLOO, Portland, OR (2008). His work was included in numerous group exhibitions including the Helzer Gallery at PCC Rock Creek, Portland, OR (2018), Border Patrol, Portland, ME (2017), Patton-Malott Gallery, Snowmass, CO (2014), FivePoints ArtHouse, San Francisco, CA (2008) and Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Portland, OR (2008).