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New Work by Ken Lo
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 4, 2019 6 - 8pm
Exhibition Dates: April 4 - May 18, 2019

Portland ‘Pataphysical Society presents What Spills Over, a solo exhibition of recent work by San Francisco-based Artist Ken Lo.

The exhibition grapples with physical phenomenon of death, explored through a broad range of artistic mediums including drawing, sculpture, text pieces carved into marble plaques, and performance. From the artist:

The absolute annihilation of someone you love is not something our brains can really accept or fathom--or at least my brain can't. Perhaps we cope with this absence by invoking memory, summoning a presence, or immersing ourselves in subconscious projections and narratives. This body of work explores how we transform from different states in life as we age, how we lose ourselves to become other people, or how we become other things-- how material becomes immaterial. I am curious about the persistent existence of the soul as an idea that continues to exist regardless of science and logic, if only in my own limited heart and mind. It appears that consciousness requires a body that deteriorates to dust.  But then a trusted friend will pull me aside to say, "Nah. You won't believe me, but I saw something. Something happened."



Kenneth Lo went to a pretty good grad school, has shown in some really great places, actually does have one or two friends, and has made a bunch of really, really, really, really amazing art, but he has won zero awards. So let's not talk about awards. He doesn’t make art to win stupid awards anyways. He makes art because he wants you to love him, or at least to like him enough to get laid. His work consists mostly of different kinds of memorials. Sometimes the memorials are serious, and sad. Mostly they’re serious and kind of funny. They’re almost always about the people he’s loved, or should have loved better, or wanted to love all night. When the work isn’t admitting that of all the people he loves, he loves himself the most (all night), his work is about people he’s loved and lost. Pretty much always, he loses everyone in the end--just like normal people do.

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