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Allison Peck & Rives Wiley:

Exhibition Dates: Oct 6- Nov 3, 2016

In partnership with Portland ‘Pataphysical Society, S/PLI/T is proud to announce INTER/MISSION, a two person exhibition with installation work from Los Angeles based artist Allison Peck, and digital media from Washington D.C.-based artist Rives Wiley.

Rives Wiley makes videos of figures positioned in elaborate built environments that blend the real, surreal,and virtual. Their behaviors walk an uncomfortable line between restraint and repetitive action that recalls the pull and push of social conventions on ourselves.

Allison Peck intervenes in individual sites, adeptly using languages of material, shape, and color to break down any pretense of a gallery as place-less, as a way to explore notions of space and our positions within it. For this exhibition she will install site-specific work in conversation with the space, the curators, and fellow artist Wiley.

Both Wiley and Peck work with ideas of environment: Wiley creates fictive environments to mirror the influence of our own social and virtual settings, while Peck forces us to confront the immediate environment of the gallery space. Each artist points to our agency, or lack thereof, in the ever present context of our surroundings.

Image Credit: Rives Wiley

Image Credit: Rives Wiley



Rives Wiley, (b. 1990) is a painter, video maker, and installation artist working in Washington DC. She received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2013. Recently, she attended the Vermont Studio Center, was featured in Maake Magazine, and was chosen as a Hamiltonian fellow. In addition to this show, she currently has a solo exhibition at the Hillyer Art Space (Washington, DC). She has also been selected to exhibit at the Satellite Art Fair during Miami Basel Week (Miami, FL) in December.

Allison Peck (b. 1985) is an artist and art educator living in Los Angeles, CA. She received her MFA from Otis College of Art and Design and her BA from Occidental College. Her most recent solo exhibition, Turning Towards//Se Tournant Vers, was presented at La Chapelle Notre Dame du Portail (Auzon, France). Her work has also been shown at, Elephant Art Space (LA), the ReDiscover Center (LA) the Institute of Jamais Vu (London), and the Torrance Art Museum (Torrance, CA).


Image credit: Willamette Week

Image credit: Willamette Week


S/PLI/T produces two-person exhibitions in established and alternative art venues and vacant spaces. By introducing emerging artists with conceptual depth and contemporary concerns to new viewers, S/PLI/T encourages artistic practice at a critical stage while inviting the community to connect around fresh and vital work. S/PLI/T encourages accessibility and cross-disciplinary engagement through interpretive materials, interviews, public events, and a published catalog. The name S/PLI/T describes a duality that is present in the two-person exhibitions and implies two pieces of a whole. We are interested in the dialogue that can take place in the space(split) between different art practices. S/PLI/T is co-directed by Sam Hopple and Taryn Wiens and is based in Portland, Oregon.